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Porcelain veneers are lightweight sections of a ceramic material that are bonded directly to the front of the tooth. Veneers are an excellent solution to fix discolored, chipped, or broken teeth, restoring a beautiful and confident smile.

Through active visits we will explain your desired achievement when considering veneers. We will be able to advise whether or not veneers are appropriate for your personal oral situation by taking x-rays and/or making impressions of your mouth and teeth. Your teeth must be prepared for veneers and will involve having ½ millimeter of enamel removed the surface.  That is the thickness of the veneers which will be placed over the tooth surface.

veneersOur goal is to make sure you’re comfortable. We will discuss the various anesthetic options for the process of trimming the enamel. We will make either a model or an impression of your tooth/teeth and it will be sent off to our laboratory, which could take up to two weeks before receiving them back.  In situations of unsightly teeth, there are temporarily veneers, which we can also discuss.

Before veneers are cemented to your teeth we will do a dry run to make sure everything is a proper fit. The teeth must be very clean before the adhering process begins, so expect us to do a thorough cleaning prior to the bonding.  Once the veneers have been added, the final steps will involve the removal of excess cement, ensuring proper bite, and general adjustments as needed. We  may ask you to return for a followup visit so we can review the placement.