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Laser Gum Reshaping and Tooth Recontouring

Your smile is made up of two components, the position of your teeth and their cooperation with your gum tissue.  Asymmetrical or gummy smiles are easily corrected through dental laser reshaping methods.  They eliminate the use of scalpels.  Therefore, there is no cutting, bleeding, or stitches.  There is a good reason to use your new smile.  The procedure also reduces the potential of infection because laser gum contouring kills germs and seals the gums.

Gum Contouring does not take but a few minutes and you there will be minimal discomfort or bleeding during the procedure.  We can make smaller teeth look larger and more proportionate with the rest of your smile. Large teeth can also be made less obtrusive and ridges and small overlaps can be corrected.  For most people the recovery from reshaping is almost instant and they can return to normal activities immediately.  There are some instances in which gum reshaping can be coupled with other dental procedures involving porcelain veneers or crown in order to achieve that perfect smile.